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Quiz By : fierceclaw12345

what warrior cat are you??

1.  what would your warrior cat color be?
 black and white
 ginger white gray and that kinda combination
 silver or gold

2.  what do you do in your free time???????????
 hunt or explore the forest
 sit around your clan
 ask your leader for something to do
 sort out medicine for the med cat
 do some battle training

3.  what clan out of these would you be in??
 blugghhh just die and goto starclan!!

4.  in thunderclan who would you mentor???

5.  out of these cats, who would be your mate?????

6.  if you couldnt be in a clan you would be in:
 a rouge group
 a loner
 a kittypet
 dead in starclan
 outside the forest

7.  your loyalty is to your:
 the most powerful cat
 your friends

8.  rp: you are in the forest and you hear the bushes move but its not from any clan at all. what do u dO?????? (its not your clan)
 go see what it is
 creep over and.............................
 run away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 go and hide
 find out what it is without it hearing you
 stay where your at!!!

9.  who would your mentor be?????????? (in thunderclan)

10.  whats your eye color???????????

11.  fave color???
 green | Copyright 2006-2008