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Quiz By : Mileven4ever

Who is ur stranger things bf

1.  If you see a girl in the woods what would you do
 Take her home with you and help her
 Take her to your friends because your afraid
 Leave her
 I wouldn’t be in that situation
 I would be mean to her because she is different
 I would observe her by taking her picture

2.  What do you look for in a guy
 Someone who loves me no matter what even if I have powers
 Someone who creates a radio tower just to talk to me
 Someone who always try’s to win me back
 Someone quiet and loveable
 Someone who has a ton of friends younger than them and acts like their mother
 Someone who try’s to understand you and loves you even if u get him fired

3.  Random question Which face

4.  Who is your fave stranger things gal

5.  Who is the best parent
 Mrs Wheeler
 Mrs Sinclair
 Mr Wheeler

6.  If you could be best friends with someone who would it be
 Someone who will play D’n’D with me

7.  What super power would u like
 Super strength
 Having friends

8.  Who do you want to get

9.  How do you want to meet your true love
 In a storm
 At camp
 At school
 At work
 After my brother goes missing

10.  Which colour is ur fav

11.  Pick
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