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Quiz By : _billieeilish_

What is my sexuality (for girls)

1.  your friend comes out as a lesbian and says she has a crush on you, what do you do?
 be very confused on what to say...

2.  which lgbtq+ singer do you know/heard of?
 girl in red
 hayley kiyoko
 tracy chapman
 melissa etheridge

3.  what is the gender of your current crush?

4.  which gender are you the most attracted to physically?
 both equally
 both but girls a little bit more
 both but guys a little bit more

5.  which gender do you get on the best with (as friends)?
 both equally

6.  would you get butterflies if a hot guy asked you out?

7.  would you get butterflies if a hot girl asked you out?

8.  what kind of porn would you/do you watch?

9.  how do you think your friends would react if you told them you were lesbian?
 disgusted and shocked
 happy for me and supportive | Copyright 2006-2008