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Quiz By : Leefa1

How well do you know BTS?

1.  Why was yoongi given his stage name suga?
 Because his skin is pale and he is sweet like suga
 Because he is lazy
 One day he needed sugar

2.  When is park jimins birthday?
 October 13,1995
 December 30,1995
 January 1,1998
 August 3,2002

3.  When is Kim taehyungs birthday?
 December 30,1995
 July 6,1992
 May 10, 1999

4.  Who is the leader ?

5.  What was their debut song?
 No more dream
 Not today

6.  Who is the golden maknae?

7.  “Oh my god my heart is .. my heart is oh my god”

8.  “I know movie 🎥..but I don’t know movie name”

9.  What chant is correct?
 Rm,sj,my,jh,jm,v,jk .. BTS
 Kim Namjoon,Kim seokjin, Min yoongi,Jung hoseok , Park jimin,Kim Taehyung,Jeon jungkook BTS

10.  “Ah excuse me”

11.  Do you love BTS?
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