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Quiz By : NightBird231

The Warriors Quiz

1.  Your clan is under attack by rouges and your best friend and your leader are being overwhelmed. While everyone else is busy with their own foes, you must choose. Leader or friend?
 Leader. You want to kill them with your own claws.
 Your friend. You know that the deputy will be a great leader, anyways.
 Your leader. You must protect your leader at all costs.
 Friend. You must keep those who are loyal to you safe.
 Leader. You know that your friend is an amazing fighter.
 Friend. Your friend is bearing kits and you must save the kits at all costs.

2.  There is a kittypet in your territory. What will you do with it?
 Kill them. Kittypet blood is not wanted in your clan.
 Ask them to join your clan. You are running out of warriors quickly.

3.  You are going to your first gathering. What do you do first?
 Try to make some friends. You need a few trustworthy cats on your side.
 Spy on the other clans. You never know when you might need to use this information against them.
 Stick with your mentor. You know that they know some interesting cats.

4.  You have just become a warrior. You are assigned to the morning patrol and you notice the scent of another clan on your territory. What do you do?
 Hunt down the cat on your own. You hate trespassers.

5.  You were recently appointed deputy, but your leader is on their last life. What do you do?
 Kill them! This was the moment you were waiting for!
 Let them live the rest of their life peacefully. You want to become leader, but you are always loyal to your clan.
 Eagerly wait for the next battle. This is your big chance to become the best leader ever! | Copyright 2006-2008