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Quiz By : PeachSplash

What should you be for Halloween?

1.  Whats your inner animal??
 I agree with answer 2....

2.  Pick a colour

3.  What would u give Trik or treatrs?
 Peice of ma mind
 A shoe

4.  RP TIME!!! You r dressd up as a ghost (SHEET OVER UR HEAD) and u r trik or treating... someone comes and steals ur candee. What do u do?
 Go home and make supr cool costume
 Buy a cool new costume
 NEVER trik or treat again

5.  You got an ipad form a random person... wha do u do?
 Give it bak and say "I cant accept this"
 ummmmmm... why would anyone do dat???

6.  What are r afraid of?
 Monsters..... they creep me out
 Ghosts... gaross
 Bad luck
 Black Cats

7.  You eat a lolli pop.. what is da flavor?
 Cherry.... YUM

8.  LAST QUESTION: What is your favorite part about Halloween?
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