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Quiz By : agdodson

Chapter 7 and 8 Quiz

1.  Educational technology must NOT be:
 Suitable for the educational situation
 Challenge students
 Promote learning

2.  Successful technology integration requires evaluation during all phases of instruction.

3.  What is NOT a part of the Evaluation Cycle?
 Before Instruction
 During Instruction
 After Instruction
 A year after instruction

4.  What does green computing consist of?
 reducing the use of electricity and the production of waste while using a computer
 saving the earth
 ordering trees on the computer and planting them
 coloring your keyboard green to type

5.  Which is NOT one of the five areas of computer ethics frequently discussed?
 Authorized Use of Computers
 Hardware, Software, and Information Theft
 Information Privacy
 Preventing Computer Theft
 the Existence of Objectionable Materials on the Internet | Copyright 2006-2008