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Quiz By : Brimstone x

What ssx character likes you

1.  Do you like pizza?
 Yes, it's delicious!
 No, something better...
 Hmm... I don't know.
 No pizza for me!:-[
 I guess...

2.  What kind of girl/boy do you prefer?
 I go for the cute and kind ones
 I don't want a guy/girl!
 I like out-going people
 That's a hard question
 I like to be alone.
 Let's move on already!!

3.  What is your gender

4.  What character do you like the most from ssx?
 Zoe payne
 Elise riggs
 Griff simons
 Psymon stark
 Maybe tane or eddie
 Kaori or ty or even moby!

5.  What ssx guy do you like the most? Last question
 Mac Fraser
 Griff simons
 Tane mumea
 Psymon stark
 Moby jones
 Ty thorson

6.  What is your favorite color?
 Irish green
 Black or velvet | Copyright 2006-2008