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Quiz By : Hollyleaf

What is your warrior cat mate?

1.  What would you do if you ran into a tom from another clan and you instantly fell in love?
 Forget the cat, I follow the warrior code
 Run away
 Tell him you love him
 Ask him to meet somewhere
 Dont say anything

2.  Whot would your dream mate be?

3.  What would you do if you were in a fight and your leader was having a difficult time in a fight, and so was your mate?
 Always leader first
 Whatever, i will help them both
 Umm..... i dont know what to do
 Kill the cats who are attacking your leader and your mate

4.  What kind of mate do you prefer?
 Black tom, strong
 Tabby warrior, why did i mate him
 Nervous around you gray and brown tom
 One that will want to have kits with you right away
 One that puts you before him

5.  Your mate is dying, what would you do?
 Cry and say " DONT LEAVE ME"
 When he dies, act like nothing happened
 Lay next to him while he dies
 When he dies, eat deathberries and join him
 Say " nah whatever "
 Cry because you wanted to have kits

6.  You gave birth to kits, and your mate dumps you, what would you do?
 Call him a mousebrain
 Claw him until he dies
 Kill his other mate he chooses
 Cry for the next moon
 Pretend you dont care
 Force him to get back together with you

7.  You catch your mate feeding Shadowclan, what do you do?
 Dont tell anyone, hes your mate
 Omg i need to tell the leader
 Shadowclan, YUCK
 Call him a mousebrain
 Think he might be cheating on you
 Yowl it to the whole clan

8.  Final Question: Your mate wants to have kits with you, what do you say?
 Omg yes
 Ummm maybe another time
 Run away because your uncomfortable
 Ummm no never
 Maybe i dont know | Copyright 2006-2008