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Quiz By : CAT766

What animal are you

1.  A bully picks on a kid near you. You react by:
 Ignoring it.its none of your business
 Standing up to the bully. you aren't afraid
 Try to talk it out with the bully.

2.  What are your main interests?
 Staying home
 Playing sports

3.  A girl at school likes you. You try to impress by:
 Showing her your muscles
 Showing her your art
 Niether. You are not interested

4.  You describe yourself as:
 A leader
 A follower

5.  Your friends describe you:

6.  You are a big:

7.  Would you describe yourself more like a:

8.  Do you marvel in speed or strength?

9.  Which is your favorite?

10.  What is your favorite animal family?

11.  Are you more:
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