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Quiz By : ChrisCSV

Minecraft Story Mode

1.  What's your characters name?

2.  What's the monster in this game
 The wither storm

3.  If you save Petra from the wither storm does she get sick?
 No Gabriel gets sick
 Yes Petra does get sick

4.  How do you win the building competition?
 Build a creeper
 Build a zombie
 Build a enderman
 Save the building

5.  What are the names of the people in the order of the stone

6.  What effects does the wither sickness do to Gabriel or Petra

7.  How many Episodes are out through the release date and December 19th

8.  How do you make a the Wither storm
 Wither skulls
 Soul sand and wither skulls
 Command block,soul sand,wither skull
 All of the above

9.  Has anybody died
 No ones going to die

10.  Who looked different in the Minecraft story mode trailer?

11.  Who's the cutest thing in the world
 Rueben | Copyright 2006-2008