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Quiz By : PaulLover&KittenPower

Another another Beatles love story. (

1.  Me: Hi there it's me again with another Beatles quiz. What can I say I love them. Paul: *comes up from behind me and hugs me* And I love you too! <3 Me: Anyway here's the first question. What is your preference in food?
 You: Anything besides meat. Animals deserve to live too. Paul: My thoughts exactly.
 You: Meat meat and more meat. It's delicious don't judge. Paul: But the poor animals that dies in the prosess. :'( Me: *hugs Paul* *points at you* You monster!
 You: pretty much anything as long as it's food. Me: Yeah kinda obvious.
 You: Candy! :D Me: Yes candle is quite delicious.

2.  Me: Ok next question! *pulls out shield* What is your favorite color? *blocks rotten food and weapons*
 You: Blue.
 You: Green.
 You: Purple.
 You: Blue! :D

3.  Me: Ok Paul is going to ask this question. Paul: Alright. What would you describe as an enjoyable date?
 You: A night at a fancy restraunt. Me: Ooh classy.
 You: Well maybe a walk in the park together at night. Me: Ooh spooky.
 You: Well just a night at home as long as I'm with my boyfriend. Me: Simple but good. :)
 You: Going out dancing. Me: That sounds nice.

4.  Me: Ok John is going to ask this question. John: Thank you. So what would you wear on your date?
 You: Probably a floral pattern dress. John: I guess that sounds good. I guess.
 You: Um... A low cut shirt and a short skirt. John: Ooh just what I'd want my date to wear.
 You: Well something simple but cute. John: Boooooring.
 You: Something sparkly! John: I'm not even going to comment on that.

5.  Me: Ok George is going to ask this question. George: Uh... Thanks. So what would you want to eat on your date.
 You: A fancy delicious dinner. Of course I'd help pay for it. I wouldn't want to be an inconsiderate girlfriend. George: That sounds good.
 You: Well anything my boyfriend would want I guess. I don't really have a preference. George: I guess that's ok.
 You: Um... I guess I'd make something at home for us. Maybe some sandwiches. George: That sounds great.
 You: Ice cream! George: Yes ice cream is delicious.

6.  Me: Ok now Ringo is going to ask this question. Ringo: how would you like the date to end?
 You: Well... *blushes* Maybe with a kiss.
 You: With a long make out session.
 You: Well... *blushes a lot* maybe with a hug or a quick peck on the lips.
 You: A BIG hug! Ringo: That would be awesome!

7.  Me: Well see ya. Paul: *hugs me* Please enjoy your result. John: Remember to do some of her other quizzes. George: Feel free to blush as much as you want. Ringo: And please share this and other Beatle quizzes to other Beatlemaniacs.
 You: Alright bye.
 You: K see ya.
 You: Um... Bye.
 You: BYE!!! | Copyright 2006-2008