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Quiz By : PaulLover&KittenPower

Another Beatles 7 minutes in heaven!

1.  Me: Hello and welcome to my quiz. :D
 You: YAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!! Me;0: Why are you back?! O_O
 You: Yea sure... o///_///o Me: Well you've gotten less shy. :)
 You: This will be great! Me: Nice to see you. :)
 You: Let's do this! 🔥 Me: Sure but please don't set the quiz on fire with your determination. :(

2.  Me Alright! *grabs George's guitar* Come at me!!! What's your favorite color!!! *knocks away thrown objects with guitar* George: MY GUITAR!!!!! OoO
 You: PINK!!!!!
 You: NO GEORGE'S GUITAR. Oh my answer is red. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
 You: Blue.
 You: Green! 🔥 Me I said NOT to set the quiz on fire!

3.  Me: Ok time for... RP!!!!!!
 You: Um... but I don't like RP. o///_///o
 You: This'll be great. :D
 You: Let's do this. 🔥 Me: I said no more fire. You: Fine.

4.  RP: Ok you're going to a cafe what do you order?
 You: Um... just a sandwich I guess. Do they have that? Me: Yes -.-
 You: Anything vegetarian.
 You: Steak or something.

5.  RP: While your eatting you feel a tap on your shoulder. You turn around and it's John Lennon. What is your reaction?
 You: WHERE'S RINGO!!!???!!!???!!!???
 You: *gasp* O_O Is that George behind you?
 You: Is Paul here?! :D
 You: Oh my god! Oh my god! let me have your babies John! I mean hi John!

6.  RP: John smiles. John: Hey your a pretty gal why don't you come over to our place to hang out? RP: What is your responce?
 You: WILL RINGO BE THERE!!!??? John: Uh... yea. O_O You: THEN OF COURSE!!!!! John: Are you on something?
 You: *looks at George* Uh... sure O///_///O
 You: *sees Paul* *waves* Paul: *waves* You: Oh of course.
 You: Marry me! I mean yes! John: *chuckles* You're cute. ;)

7.  RP: You go home quickly to get ready to hang out with The Beatles. What do you wear?
 You: A PINK SPARKLY DRESS!!!!!!!!!!
 You: Um... just a T and shorts I guess.
 You: Something cute but comfortable.
 You: A long-sleeved white shirt and a short pink skirt. Me: That skirt will bring your downfall. You: What?! Me: Nothing!

8.  RP: When you get there all the lads complement your outfit. (whatever you chose) John: Hey! Why don't we play a game of seven minutes in heaven? Whoever's idem _____ picks get to spend seven minutes with her in a closet. *looks at you* And gets to do whatever they want.
 You: Uh... ok I... guess. o///_///o
 You: Ok let's do it. :)
 You: I will get your idem John! John: I'll take that as a yes. Let's play!

9.  RP: John comes in with a fabric bag filled with four idems in it. John: Alright M'lady choose. RP: Your hand hovers above the bag and you Thnk to yourself You: (Who's idem will I get?)

10.  Me: Ok! Time for results!
 You: Please be Ringo. Me: You're quiet for once. OoO
 You: P-Please be George.
 You: Please be Paulie.
 You: Please let me have John's babies. Me: You've got issues girl. | Copyright 2006-2008