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Quiz By : Marleylennon

Would George Harrison Fall for You?

1.  If you could send a message for the whole world to see, what would you say?
 What's the matter with you people!?
 Have you ever heard of Peace and Love!?
 Hey, what's up?
 I- uh- uh... I..

2.  Do you play a musical instrument?
 I'd love to learn one!

3.  How would you approach a really cute, shy guy?
 Slowly get to know him
 Not talk to him at all
 Quickly introduce yourself and get his number
 Wont even try..

4.  How would your first kiss be with George?
 Passionate and long
 A quick peck
 Soft and Lingering
 Wont even happen

5.  Where would your first date be?
 A walk around the park
 Him play a private concert for you
 There wont be one
 His house

6.  Would you marry George Harrison even after he got into the religious stuff?
 Yes, definitely

7.  One a scale from 1-6, how cute is George?
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