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Quiz By : Holographicorangepeel

What would make a perfect name for you?

1.  What does your closet consist of?
 Dark colors, very scence esc, lots of spikes
 High waisted shorts, triangl bikinis, anything you can find from topshop's website
 Bright colors, reminds you of summer, many pineapples and smiley faces
 Pastel everything, various donut type things, cute animal prints

2.  What artist do you like to listen to in your free time?
 Kitty Purry, T swizzle, Queen B
 Haisley, Marina and the diamonds, Lana Del Rey
 Ellie Goulding, Tove Lo, Andy Grammer

3.  Your typical Saturday night?
 Probably scrolling through tumblr
 At a rave out in the middle of nowhere
 Performing a show at the local theatre
 At the beach, playing with sparklers

4.  What youtubers do you enjoy to watch?
 Thefinebros, theslomoguys, something you can marathon for hours
 Michelle Phan, Mylifeaseva, maybabytumbler
 Danisnotonfire, amazingphil, pewdiepie
 YouTube? I'd rather be on Tumblr

5.  What's your favorite song?
 How to be a heartbreaker- Marina and the diamonds
 Literally my life- Mylifeaseva
 Smells like teen spirit- nirvana
 Cool for the summer- Demi lovato

6.  Last Question: what's your sexuality?
 Bi- curious
 Heterosexual | Copyright 2006-2008