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Warriors name

1.  What prey do u eat
 Squirrel or rabbit

2.  What clan do u belong to?
 Shadowclan and snowclan
 Snowclan and the tribe
 Kittypet island!

3.  What position are u?
 Deputy to leader
 Med cat

4.  R.P. Time!
 Wait what?
 OH GOD NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Oh I was sleeping

5.  U and ur leader are out on a patrol, what do u do?
 Kill the leader!
 I am the leader!
 Y would I go out there I'm a med cat!
 Set the markers
 Attack starclan
 Talk to ur leader

6.  Ur out hunting and u see a starclan cat and a snowclan cat on the opposite side of each other. Who do u confront

7.  Ur leader and ur mate are trapped by rouges who do u save?
 My leader is my mate!
 I am the leader!
 The waffles on the other side of camp!

8.  A rouge pins u to the ground, what attack do u use?
 Swipe ur paw
 Don't attack
 Let them kill u
 Bite their throat!
 Kill them!
 Fall limp and spring up at them

9.  Tom or she-cat?
 She cat
 She cat

10.  U fall in love who do u fall in love with?
 Another clans cat
 No one!

11.  Was this fun?
 Yes | Copyright 2006-2008