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Quiz By : Nightfurywing

Wha type of night fury are you?

1.  What is special about you?
 I really don't know...
 I glow
 I am strong and large
 I breathe ice or fire instead of lightning
 I am very rare

2.  Compared to other species of night fury how fast are you?
 I am super fast
 As fast as a regular night fury would be...
 I am fairly slow
 I am fairly fast
 It depends on my type

3.  How strong are you?
 Nicely strong as well as other skills
 Not too strong
 I don't need strength
 I am average

4.  How rare are you?
 Very rare- one of a million
 Rare- one of two hundred forty
 Pretty common
 Very common
 A little rare

5.  did you totally god if your night fury?
 A little
 Not too much that it's notable
 Not at all | Copyright 2006-2008