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Quiz By : Nightfurywing

What night fury are you?

1.  The creatures that walk on two legs just shot down your best friend- what do you do?
 Rip off the ropes and shoot flames at the creatures, warding them off.
 Fight to get to them but get shot down.
 Carry them to a safe place hidden away and go back to protect others.
 Dash in madly and untangle them, fighting alongside them.

2.  What do you describe yourself as?

3.  Your favorite activity?
 Stretching my wings and flying
 Helping the group
 Hanging out
 Practice fighting

4.  What makes you unique?
 My darker eyes
 My size
 My speed
 My kindness

5.  You like to eat?

6.  Another dragon is trespassing!!
 Pin it and give it three seconds to explain itself
 Dip your head and tell them to leave
 Grab them by their neck skin and carry them over the border
 Claw their tail and watch them stalk away

7.  A new night fury wants to join. They have one day to decide if they want to stay. You don't like them.
 Ignore him and make him feel unwelcome
 Try to make friends and see if you can become friends
 Playfully tackle them and if you win you get to have their dinner
 Play pranks on them until they leave

8.  Your chieftain has died...
 Step up as chieftain.
 Grieve silently.
 Suggest a dragon as new chieftain.
 Step up but back down if another dragon wants to as well.

9.  A dragon you hate flirts with you. You...
 Push them off a cliff in their sleep
 Avoid them.
 Growl constantly at them until they stop.
 Try to be nice but avoid them.

10.  Name preference?
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