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Quiz By : Scrouge

Which warrior cat are you?

1.  What would u do if u found a hurt kit on ur territory?
 Kill it! I should not be on this territory!
 Carry it back to camp take care of it
 Leave it there and push it on another clans territory

2.  Found a dog!! What do u do?
 Kill it! I might be made deputy ( or win my warrior name )
 Run to go tell leader!! U need help!
 Leave it there. Let's not make trouble.

3.  U see ur leader losing a life!! What do u do?
 Leave him/her there, that is not me fault!!
 Go fight it!

4.  Last one!! We're would u rather go?
 Darkforest!!! Hello!!
 Starclan I'm awesome!!

5.  Lol jk now this is the last one!! Are u evil or good?
 Star clan here I come!! | Copyright 2006-2008