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Quiz By : AmyzHere

wich akatsuki are you?

1.  Who akatsuki you want to be? (i didn't put some of them)
 ♥Itachi of COURSE!♥
 Deidara^^^^^^ :3
 Sasori *-*
 Tobiiiiiiii xd
 Pain c:
 Hidan f**k yeah :D

2.  are you afraid of the akatsuki?

3.  if you were anime what would you like the most to be or have or do?
 Boil plants and flowers :D
 be the leader of the akatsuki

4.  what's your style?
 Quite and cool (and maybe hot)
 Stupid and fun^^
 Cute and cool:3
 $exy and big mouth
 Rich guy/girl

5.  what's your fav color?
 Blood red
 pink&orange :D
 blue as the sea
 what ever gives me money

6.  what do you like to do?
 Scare people
 Prank people
 Annoy people

7.  if you were anime again, what do you like to be heard?
 The most powerful person in the world
 the guy/girl that killed all the kazekages of the villages
 the most prettiest guy/girl in the world
 the most cold hearted person
 the person that got the most powerful WEAPON
 an akatsuki member

8.  what are you from the inside-outside?
 i'm quite and cool looking from the outside but from the inside i'm thinking only one thing that i will never admit
 i'm playing the stupid but from the inside i'm smart and know that i'm powerful
 from the outside i care for money from the inside i care for money. pay me now
 i'm nothing to the outside nothing to the inside
 i'm a puppet i've got no feelings.
 i'm a cold hearted to the outside but from the inside i love someone... | Copyright 2006-2008