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Quiz By : AmyzHere

Sonic X

1.  what color is sonic?

2.  what does sonic wear?
 red shoes and white gloves
 red and white shoes with white gloves
 red and white shoes with white socks and white gloves

3.  Does sonic love AmyRose?
 i think he wants her a BIT but he just don't want to have anything with relationships...:P

4.  if sonic asked amy on a date what was going to be your reaction?
 *quit sonic x for ever*
 like wtf o.o

5.  have you ever imagened them without clothes? (shoes n gloves) they wouldn't be so cool looking right??:P
 never thought of that o.o
 nope. the same to me.

6.  have you ever thought how sonic and others knew already english, if they were aliens? (wich they are)
 never thought of that too >.<
 they're smart...?

7.  have you ever thought where amy finds that hammer if she doesn't carry it?
 no o.o
 because she knows magic.

8.  final question :P what's the right? SonicXamy or SonicXsally
 SonicXsally! i'm kidding xd | Copyright 2006-2008