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Quiz By : AmyzHere

akatsuki piss off limits

1.  You have been send in a mission with Kisame.He's asking you "so who are you?..."
 I'm Amy who are you fish?:D

2.  watch your mouth newborn!
 SHUT UP YOU#$%$^%&*(&()_=+
 (makes fun saying no):no no no no no no :3

3.  I'LL SHOW YOU...!-
 no i'm sorry!

4.  *Kisame turns quicly to see Kakashi and fells on a tree* (Kisame): why T_T
 because you scared me!:C
 *throw kunais at him*

5.  After you made fun of Kisame he decided to go on the mission on his own telling you to go back.So you sended to another mission by Pein with itachi.

6.  Seems that itachi isn't so social so you decide to break the ice before starting pissing him off first.
 So sasuke's your brother?
 *slaps him with no reason*
 dude you see i'm trying to run don't just walk like a tortule!!
 Hi i'm the new akatsuki member!Who are you?

7.  (Itachi): I'm itachi.
 Ok. (ends convertation)
 *look at him until he notice you*

8.  Itachi ignores you.
 F***k you!
 *keep looking*

9.  (Itachi) what are you looking for?
 your voice is stupid
 you are weirdo

10.  (Itachi): Is here any fun? because i don't see any.
 (laughs more and tries to annoy him*
 don't tell me what to do! *serious face*
 wow you ARE a girl!

11.  *he does the mangekyou sharingan* what do you do?
 apologize and beg
 say any bad word i know
 say that i'm sasuke uchiha
 silence (for 2 mins)so i can live!!!
 play stupid and say: wow your eyes DO look like lolipop in mangekyou form!
 hey cool eyes ichy!

12.  (ignores you again) After 2 minutes you start the chat again...
 so how much money do you have?
 hey look! a sky!
 so was that the mangekyou sharingan?
 *ends mission here*
 hey i saw the same sharingan when sasuke did it!
 just how many months do you have to bathe?!

13.  (itachi): mind your own busness.
 Okkie. (looks like i can't annoy that one)
 i'll mind yours if i want to mind yours cause when i mind things,youcan't dodge my opinion in minding things and you dont have the right to say anythin' just think if the others did that to you then you would just gonna get bored from the lots of silences then you would have to pick something else to chat of then you would have died from boringless so don't tell me to mind my own busness cause i can always mind your own or his own or her own or their own or my own busness if i really want to, because i've got the right to talk to you know if you don't want to talk then i don't care i just want to have someone to chat because i'm so damn bored and this is the first and last time that i'm going to tell ya that so don't play the tough guy just because you have this sharingan and i think that you should be a little talkative too because...(bla bla bla bla)
 we break up!

14.  after you done the mission with itachi you returned back to the basement. you're on your room and thinkin' what the others doin' so you decide to go to someones room because you're bored&like to annoy everyone!

15.  So you go at a random door and knock.No one talks what do you do?
 knock again and again and again and again and again...

16.  *you heard a voice sigh* He opens the door and it is.... Kakazu!
 -Eww i'm going back!
 -Hey may i come in? xd

17.  (Kakazu): Um...Fine.
 it smells boylish in here. ugh!
 *runs in his room and rolls all over the floor*
 o.o this room is kinda.........not what i was excpected :P

18.  (Kakazu): so what do you want?
 nothin i was just bored. bye.
 WILL YOU BE MY BF?! OK I MARRY YOU! (you:he's so hot!!!!)
 i got to tell you something...i stole you 1dolar-

19.  (Kakazu): WHATT DID YO-
 hahahahahaha relax i was kidding x'D
 and i'm not giving them back dude.(serious) <= [ you're not gonna click this one are you?]:P

20.  (Kakazu): *sigh* *leaves*
 let's get for our next target! :D =>
 I'm done in here.Akatsuki are boring. =>

21.  *Tobi runs and moves his hands* [Tobi]: HELP MEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!
 *Ignore him.*(you)(The most possible thing that is happening could be a spider is chasing him.)
 what's that orange-face thing?1 it's coming that way! oh wait i think it's a person.Let's help him?o.o =>

22.  [Tobi] runs from that way.He's comming sooner and sooner! think fast!!
 !! hey be CAREF- =>
 *just stand and watch him comming*

23.  *Tobi falls on you*
 get off you or i'll cut you into piecies, smaller than jerms! =>

24.  [Tobi]: Sorry! got to run! NO TIME! D:
 WAIT YOU JERK! why are you running?!what the heck is it????
 just leave and take your brain too you forgot it in here.

25.  [Tobi]: I called deidara a girl but he takes things too seriously! now he's chasing me!
 Um, i dont see anyone....(he's imagening things probably)
 ugh...i'll help you just don't act like you're in playground !!

26.  [Tobi]: great great! tobi likes help, tobi wants help! tobi is a good boy!!
 get in my room and i'm comming later (he's not fun, i can't annoy a stupid! i got to go to the other rooms..)
 Forget it!

27.  After tobi goes to your room you go to another door behind kakazu's door. =>
 -To be continued- (i may make it a game too tho) | Copyright 2006-2008