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Quiz By : dorito 01

how much of a basterd are you

1.  are you or the person you are doing it for, a boy or a girl
 that is none of your buisness
 dont wanna say

2.  the neighbers are throwing a big partie, you are not invited, what do you do
 shout over the wall and tell them why am i not invited
 throw your own partie and try to distact them
 shout every password you can thinks of

3.  your in school when your teacher says, right you have to say 1000 words now or you get detention what would you do
 tell them no fucking way
 try your best to do it

4.  you siblinm is annoying you what do you do
 punch them
 prank them
 snitch on them
 hurt them untill the stop | Copyright 2006-2008