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Quiz By : RiverGlow

What is your warrior cat name and clan/tribe?

1.  If you could Choose to be in either one, which would you choose?
 Tribe of rushing water

2.  You are hunting alone far away from camp. You see a rogue coming towards with the same rushing pace. what do you do?
 Ask the rogue why they are on the clans territory
 Greet them and tell them to come into the camp. once there in the camp signal everyone to ambush the rogue
 You are too old to do anything and are an elder. You run away into teh near by bushes and wait for it to strike yor death
 You are in the tribe of endless hunting. You tell your Tribe-mates to ambush the rogue cat and chase it away
 Attack it in a sensible way, you thn te rogue seems pretty week
 Wisely chaseit off territory, but give it a warning it wil never forget before making sure it leaves

3.  Your getting attacked by a pack of rogues who have out-numbered you. Your kit is in the nursery surrounded by rogues, your mate is fighting off 5 rogues by him/her self and is coping but is very injured, your leader is on his last life and is being scratched to death, too week to fight, and your best friend is being threatened by other clan-mates for being undefensive. what do you do?
 Go up to the clan-mates accusing your best friend of being useless and shove them away
 Go to the nursery and save the kit, go all the way to the edge of the territory and leave te kit there while you fight for your clan
 who cares about my kin and best friend? I defend my clan mouse-brain!
 Save my leader, he can help us to all survive leafbare at the moment.
 save your mate and run away with him/her away from the forest
 fight the rogues who are attacking you and then help your entire clan beat the rest | Copyright 2006-2008