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Quiz By : RebelliousGirl

Are you an EMO?

1.  What's you favorite color?
 Dark colors
 Pink (Me: Seriously?)

2.  What do you wear everyday?
 A lot of colors
 Dark Colors

3.  What's your personalities?
 Cruel, very intelligent, serious, quiet, sarcastic, arrogant (describes me!
 Smart, leader, confidence
 Helpful, kind, loving
 Creative, fun, happy
 Socialize, bossy, a fangirl

4.  What do you like better?
 Unicorn (Me: really?)

5.  How many friends do you have?
 I have a lot of friends!!!!
 I have a few but I preferred to be alone

6.  Choose a songs (by Nightcore)
 Just a dream
 Angel with a shotgun
 Angel of darkness
 Pika Girl

7.  What's your hobbits?
 Listen to music
 Play sports
 Go shopping
 Hang out with friends

8.  Will you like or comment?
 I'll do both | Copyright 2006-2008