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Quiz By : Fullmoon8975

Name that cat!

1.  Muscular, slender ginger tom with bright emerald-green eyes. Kind and compassionate, loyal and brave. Extra hint: He was the first main character ever

2.  Fluffy snowy-white tom with thick long fur and round blue eyes. He fell in love with Brightheart and his mother is Princess. Extra hint: He's Firestar's apprentice/nephew

3.  Small, sleek, delicate dark gray she-cat with blue eyes. She's a medicine cat. Extra hint: Her leg was injured by a monster

4.  Long-legged, striking black she-cat with a collar that she tucks moss beneath. Extra hint: She's part of SkyClan

5.  Stout, compact black-and-white tom with a plump belly. His brothers are Hoot and Jumper, and his sister is Violet. Extra hint: His best friend is Ravenpaw, a former cat of ThunderClan
 Clear Sky

6.  Large, muscular, thick-furred pale gray tom with darker flecks, dark blue eyes, and a torn ear. He was in love with Squirrelflight. Extra hint: He attempted to kill off Hollyleaf, Jayfeather, and Lionblaze in front of Squirrelflight to cause her pain and suffering
 Broken Shadow

7.  Scrawny, sleek, slender tom with ginger and white patches, green eyes, and small paws. He died from drowning. Extra hint: He's connected with Jayfeather, and he was a former resident of Tribe of Endless Hunting
 Falcon Swoop
 Falling Rain
 Fallen Leaves

8.  Tiny fluffy black-and-white tom kit with a face that's striped like a badger's. His Clan was ShadowClan. He died at 3 moons. Extra hint: His mentor was Flintfang and his parents were Wolfstep and Fernshade.
 Badgerfang (kit)
 Domino (kit)
 Barley (kit)
 Brandy (kit)
 Duke (kit)
 Dust Muzzle (kit)

9.  Small, silver-gray she-cat with deep green eyes, a white chest, and soft fur. Her apprentice is Frecklewish. Extra hint: She is good friends with Leafstar. She's in SkyClan.
 Cloud With Star in Belly

10.  This is the last question. I'll make it pretty easy. This is my favorite character. He's a gray tabby with blind light blue eyes, a scar across his shoulder, and the ability to read minds and walk through other cats' dreams. He's also the current medicine cat. Who is he?
 Lionblaze | Copyright 2006-2008