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Quiz By : paulomanu1

what personality/role in a pack is your lycan

1.  the pack is confronted by a aggressive rival pack and you are out numbered 2-1 what do you do?
 ill jump straight in with compleate disregard for my own safty to give the pack time to run.
 i would run back a few meters to see if its safe to get everyone out of there
 i would attempt to hold the rival pack off untill they get a bit much to handle and ill run
 get infront of the pups and weaker pack members and defend them till the death if nessesery

2.  there is a squable between the pups but its your turn to eat what do you do?
 you give them a stern glair n a growl if nessecery but you stay with the food till you have had your fill
 nothing, i dont have any power to do so
 go off to look for more food to get out of the way
 get in the middle n give both pups a stern warning and brake up the squable

3.  you are out hunting for food and you see a injured member of a rival pack being attacked by another member of a unknown pack, what would you do?
 sit back and wait and see what happens, you dont like the fact theres one pack member on his own, it could be a trap
 look around to see if you can spot his pack
 kill em both, just tare em up into chunks.
 join in and protect the injured member of the rival pack

4.  what breed are you?
 pure blood
 pure blood
 pure blood
 tainted blood
 tainted blood
 tainted blood

5.  final question, what do you do best at?
 fighting to protect and fighting for the fun of it
 being sneaky and sneaking up on people
 going out game shooting
 takeing care of others and fighting in defence of others and my self | Copyright 2006-2008