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Quiz By : TheatreGeek2

Which Female Broadway Character Are You?

1.  First off, what's your favorite color?
 Dark colors, like black and navy blue
 Bright, vivid colors, such as pink and bright blue.

2.  What is your favorite Broadway musical?
 The Phantom of the Opera
 Les Miserables
 The Little Mermaid
 Beauty and the Beast

3.  What would you describe your personality as?
 Level-headed and intelligent
 Spirited and adventurous
 Naive, yet caring
 Optimistic and strong
 Sweet and innocent

4.  What is your ideal country to visit?
 America, thanks.

5.  What's your favorite food?
 Bread of any kind!
 Any kind of food! Except seafood...
 I really don't know!
 Anything, if I can find it
 As long as it's good, I enjoy it!

6.  Last question, did you enjoy this quiz?
 Yes, thank you for making it!
 It was okay
 Yes I did! It was great!
 It was very enjoyable! | Copyright 2006-2008