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Quiz By : PuppyluverXD

What animal are you?

1.  Where do you know most of your friends from?
 From when I was a little kid!!!! I love my friends and I make sure they know it too.
 I met most of them at school, but I never let them get in the way of my studdies.
 ...I have friends?
 Omg, omg OMG!!! That's a GREAT story!! So one day I was sitting at a restaurant..or was it camp......
 Oh, we met at school. We spend every day together now.

2.  What's your favorite color?
 Um..I like some kinds of green....
 Red. Definitely.
 Black. It feels like me.
 Hmmm.. Blue! It looks like water!!
 White!!!!!!!! It's so pretty!!! Wait, but so is pink........

3.  What school subject are you best at?
 OOH!!! This is a tough one.. I would have to say literature. It take you to a whole new world!!!
 Math. You get to use so many numbers!!
 P.E. Not really the best at using my brain....
 History. So many spies!

4.  What's your favorite food?
 Exotic foods like snake...
 Rabbit.. YUMMY!!!
 Anything sweet for me!! Like icing and cupcakes and cookies and....
 Well I really like cheese..
 I love salmon!!

5.  If you could be any animal, what would you be?
 Mice are actually pretty cool...
 A cute little fuzzy bunny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 A dog. They're so cute!!
 A bird. I wanna be able to fly anywhere I please.
 A cat. I want to be able to go places without people seeing me. | Copyright 2006-2008