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Quiz By : PuppyluverXD

Which warriors cat are you?

1.  You find a kittypet kit playing in your territory, and out of nowhere, a fox jumps out and attacks it. What do you do?
 Save the kit and bring it back to camp for the leader to decide what to do with it.
 Kittypet? There are no kitty pets near the mountains!
 Let it die. Not my problem.
 Fight the fox and help the kit back to its twolegs, making sure not to be seen.
 Grab the kit and run, the check him for any injuries
 Go get my mentor. He'll know what to do.

2.  What clan are you in?
 I was born a rogue, but never question my loyalty to Thunderclan!!!
 I'm in Shadowclan, but the one I love lives in Thunderclan...
 The Tribe of Rushing Water. Duh.
 I will always be a Windclan cat!!!
 I am loyal to Skyclan.
 My kits are in Riverclan.. Where else would I go?

3.  What's your favorite prey?
 I'll eat anything put in front of long as it's not frog.
 Bird. Easiest thing to catch for me.
 Squirrel, squirrel, SQUIRREL!!!!!
 Rabbits.. Yum.
 Rats are ok, I guess.
 Hawk is AMAZING!!!!!

4.  You're a kit and the older kits want to go out. You say yes and tag along with them. You get to the Ancient Oak and the others dare you to climb it. What do you do?
 Climbing a little tree? Please, I used to do this all the time!!!
 Are you crazy?! No way!!!!
 We're breaking the warrior code right now anyway!! Not gonna make it worse!
 It's easy to climb a tree. Of course I'd do it!
 Are you kidding!! Why are we even in Thunderclan territory anyways?!
 Um... I'd rather go for a swim, thanks.

5.  You're now an apprentice and are ready to go to your first gathering. While there, one of the leaders accuses your clan of spying. Without thinking, you blurt out an angry reply. Now everyone is staring as you. What do you do?
 Don't back down!! That leader was being foolish. End of story.
 Blush and apologize to everyone and sit back down.
 ...what's a gathering?
 My first gathering? Oh yeah, that was do much fun!
 Glare at the leaders, but nod in apology anyway.
 I wouldn't do that! Of course I believe that some of my clanmates might have been spying.

6.  Now a newly made warrior, you are assigned to a border patrol. On the way, you discover that your neighboring clan set the border way further in than it's supposed to be. You are told to go back for help. What do you do?
 I'm one of the best fighters in this clan!! Send an apprentice instead.
 Teach those stupid cats a lesson and make them send someone else.
 Run back to camp. I'm the clan's only hope.
 I'm one of the fastest cats on the moor!! Of course they would send me.
 Go off to hunt instead. Those kittypets deserve it.
 Please, I'll be giving the orders from now on.

7.  Your deputy has just died in the battle and your leader turns to you to become the next deputy. Would you accept?
 Politely remind him that I don't have an apprentice.
 Take my rite full place as deputy. I was born to lead.
 Accept immediately. It'll just take me one step closer to revenge.
 Refuse. I want to stay with my mate and have kits one day!!
 Remind him about me not having an apprentice, then accept if he has a solution.
 Are you kidding?! I'm a medicine cat!!!

8.  You are now the deputy and your leader is on his last life when a pack of dogs attacks. You look over to find your mate and your leader both being overwhelmed by the dogs and you can only save one. Who do you save?
 My mate. I will not let her die.
 I don't have a mate, but still I would save her. I want to kill her myself. She deserves it for rejecting me.
 As much as it hurts, my leader. I must prove myself to the clan.
 My mate!! I will always put him first!!!
 My leader. I can't let him stop me from doing what's right.
 My mate. She chose me and now she deserves the same.

9.  You are on your last life as a leader when your camp is overtaken by greencough. Starclan sends you a message saying that if you sacrifice yourself, your clan will survive. What would you do?
 Put my clan first. That's what a leader should always do.
 As the MEDICINE CAT, I would do my best to heal my clanmates.
 As scared as I might be, I would put my clan first. Loyalty is all I have.
 I'm a leader. If sacrifice I must then sacrifice I will.
 Let them die. They deserve it.
 I love them all too much to let them die. Sacrifice.

10.  Last one, if you weren't in your clan, where would you rather be?
 Back to being a rogue, I guess...
 With the one I love in Thunderclan
 A kittypet? I don't know.
 As far away as I can get.
 Dead in Starclan.
 I would follow my mate wherever she goes. | Copyright 2006-2008