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Quiz By : CrimsonFang94

What Greek God/Goddess Are You?

1.  (First question just so its out the way) What gender are you?
 Bloody Female!
 Hmph Male
 Male last time I checked
 Ugh female of course
 um female..
 uhh male...?

2.  Theres a battle breaking out around you, everyones going for each others throats and in this battle someone swings and catches you within the jaw. DO YOU?
 Stay calm and try calm everyone down
 your the one who started fight in first place
 you lose it and start swinging your fists around
 you sneakly trip people whike they fight
 simply stand in the middle of the battle and let out massive battle yell
 jump into the battle and have fun

3.  What is your greatest desire out of this list.
 Watch the world burn
 see your enemies destroyed
 never be hungry again
 the perfect partner
 weapons of every shape and form
 everything I ever wanted.

4.  Whats your preferred food of choice.
 anything I hunted
 flesh and blood of the ones I slain
 anything that fills me
 anything made from loved one
 anything I stole

5.  What do you believe costs more.
 friends and family
 money and expensive objects
 darkness and despair
 battles and wars

6.  What animal do you pick as your best friend.
 Large Three Headed Dog
 Large Wolf
 Savage Tiger
 Small Monkey
 Large Dog
 White Bird

7.  What do you pick as your weapons.
 Bow and Arrow
 Large Bastard Sword
 Twin daggers
 Short swords

8.  Favourite Hobbie?
 Reading/building was plans
 torturing people
 sitting with nature

9.  Ah here we go. The evil question. Favourite colour?
 Whites, Browns,Blacks
 Blacks and Greys
 Dark Colours
 Pinks and Reds
 Vivid Colours

10.  What you hoping to get?
 God Of War
 Goddess Of War
 Goddess Of Hunting
 God Of Tricks and Theives
 God Of Death
 Goddess Of Love | Copyright 2006-2008