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Quiz By : CrimsonFang94

What Sort Of Creature Are You?

1.  Theres a young female being chased down the darkened streets of the city, shes being chased by a man; Who you cant tell what speices he is. But what do you do?
 charm the young women into leaving calmly and then uses the man as prey
 Confuse the man with sly trickery
 lash out toward the man and knock him out with one punch
 yells for someone to call the police
 tend to not get involved in matter of humans
 Watch the scene in front of you and enjoy it

2.  A large group of hunters have been spotted around outside the city/village. Do you
 avoid the hunter and protect your pack
 hunt down the hunters as prey
 hide yourself with a cloak of magic
 use trickery to trick the hunters into leaving
 Cheer them on and aid them in their hunt
 hunt them down and devour them.

3.  Whats your most favourite time of day?

4.  Favourite sort of food?
 any sort of flesh
 animal or human blood
 normal food
 anything that fills me
 hearts of young women
 amything I can hunt down

5.  Weapons of choice?
 Elemental breath or claws
 magical staffs or magic itself
 darkness and hellhounds
 claws,fangs or daggers
 beast form
 anything to kill them all

6.  Would you show mercy against children?
 children are precious to the world
 rarely unless the child is already dying then we use them as food
 I protect the children who are helpless to protect themselves
 they are mere cattle and play things
 tend to stay away from them.
 hides from children of mankind. in fear of them

7.  your best described?
 anti soical
 short tempered
 hotheaded and selfish

8.  You want to date someone of a different race (species) who would it be?
 A dragon
 a vampire
 a demon
 a mage
 a hybrid

9.  What do you think is more impotent to you?

10.  Do you think all these species of creature can one day get along?
 perhaps so
 no kill them all
 hopefully so
 it would be good for the children of these speices
 I tend to not care
 I probably devour them all | Copyright 2006-2008