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Quiz By : CrimsonFang94

What Sort Werewolve Are You?

1.  One of your fellow clan mates has been injured badly during a fight and cant seem to move: the enemie has started to arrive with more help.
 do you stay and fight to protect the wolf
 flee from the scene amd leave the wolf behide
 dragged the wolf by the fur to try and safe them
 howl into the sky for your pack to come rescue you both
 district the enemie so the wolf can run but this means your captured and habe to escape.

2.  Theres another pack entering your part of the forest, what do you do?
 growl out a warning to the pack
 lash out and attack them
 try and make be friendly with your pack
 kill their leader and take over their pack.

3.  A bunch of harmless humans of been spotted nearby. Do you?
 slaughter them all out of boredom
 avoid them competely
 sit and wait to see which way they head
 assume they are hunters and try scare them off with a growl

4.  Your getting old in your years and have decided to hunt for a mate. Do you look for
 a young wolf with lots enegry
 a wise wolf who would rule a pack well
 any random wolf
 a firey wild wolf with lots wit and cunning tricks

5.  Your pack is under attack and you have been left to decide between two thigs, your pups lifes or the life of a few of your fellow wolf mates. What do you do
 save the pups and let wolfs die
 leave the pups and save wolfs
 leave them both and flee
 try save both them

6.  Its hunting time for the pack. Question is what is the packs prey?
 A large Deer that would easily be killed
 a strong bear that might be hard to kill
 a bunch harmless humans
 a family of weak rabbits

7.  Theres something going on within the village who will change to their human form to check it out?
 the newbie
 any random wolf
 the first person who offers

8.  A small child is lost and has came across yourself or a member of your pack, you?
 slaughter the child quickly
 flee or tell wolf to flee
 escort her to village edge
 leave her alone to be lost

9.  A fellow member of your pack has decided to turn against you and his/her pack, they have killed alot of members of the pack, do you?
 seek revenage
 mourn the loss of the members and leave the traitor
 beat the traitor and leave them alive
 ignore the whole thing

10.  Where apart would you prefer to have your pack living?
 Forest where its safe
 far away from any humans
 an isolated cave
 large opening within the moutains with waterfall. | Copyright 2006-2008