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Quiz By : Emily eaton

how well do you know divergent

1.  What is Tris full name
 Tris Prior
 Beatrice Prior
 None of them

2.  what faction is tris in

3.  what is tris brother name

4.  what is tris aptutude test results

5.  what is tris first tattoo
 three birds
 the abenagation symbol
 she never got one

6.  what are tris fears
 crows,drowning,kidnapping,inamicy,shooting her family,the ocean,burning ata stake
 heights,confinment,her family,dieing

7.  what is fours real name

8.  what are fours fears
 heights,shooting an innocent,confinment,his father
 intimacy,bears,the dark
 hes scared of nothing

9.  what tattoo does four have on his back
 the abenagation symbol
 all the faction symbols

10.  who died in divergent

11.  who is the hottest charcter? dosent effect ansere
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