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Quiz By : ilovemycatpocki

What Heroes of Olympus Character are YOU?

1.  Here we go.. what is your weapon of choice?
 Cavalry Sword
 Bow and Arrow
 My brain.. Duh..
 Anything I can use
 My voice

2.  Question 2. What would you most like to control?
 Precious Metals
 Fire.. :)
 The Air
 I'm not sure

3.  You see a monster. what is your reaction?
 Make a plan and then act
 I'm awesome
 Freak out
 DUDE!! leave me alone!
 I can do this
 I will kill you..

4.  In your free time you....?
 create stuff
 Chill with my bf/gf
 Think think think...
 what were you saying?
 A camel? Really Frank?
 Shoot my bow

5.  Are you dyslexic
 I can't read the question
 Yah reading is hard
 Nope, But I wish I was..
 YES!! and I'm crazy!!
 Sorry the letters are all messed up

6.  what colour is your hair?
 Blonde. But I'm not stupid
 Browny Black
 Brown.. boring!!

7.  You fall into Tartarus with someone. what do you do?
 Fall together..
 try to stop the fall
 ppffff... I'd never fall into Tartarus
 can you turn into a bird?
 that's not a fair question

8.  Who is your LEAST favourite Greek god/goddess?

9.  What is your favourite animal?
 A metal dragon
 uhhm... an elephant?

10.  Which camp are you from?
 Camp half-blood since I was little
 Camp half-blood but New Rome was cool
 Camp Jupiter. they took me even though... never mind
 Camp Jupiter
 I'd rather live a normal life

11.  How many Quests have you been on?
 A bunch
 I'd rather stay at camp
 NONE thankfully
 As many as I've been needed for
 a bunch.. but I with friends so it was fun
 uhhhhhhmmmm. I dont remember

12.  What do you want to do when you're older?
 be an architect
 Build stuff
 Own riding stables
 I have no clue
 uhhhh.. myself?

13.  If you went on a quest, how would you want to travel?
 the quickest way
 on my machines I build
 I don't mind
 Let the leader choose

14.  Are you really old?
 technically yah but.. then again no
 eh.. I'm one of the oldest
 Dude, that is not a question you ask a girl!!!!
 No.. I'm young
 You could say that
 maybe.... maybe not

15.  Are you a leader?
 I'm awesome? does that count?
 Yes. I am
 I try to be but I fail every time
 Yah..... Mostly
 sure.. but I prefer not to be

16.  Do you think Leo is AWESOME?
 Dude... he is only the awesomest person in the world!!!
 Sure.. he is my friend
 annyoing.. not awesome
 no. he gets in the way to much
 Maybe a little

17.  what's your favourite colour?

18.  are you normally hyper?
 yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
 no. never
 Always a little
 maybe. but yes always

19.  Ok last one.... pick a number
 171 or 171 if your dyslexic

20.  sorry this is the last you like taking pictures?
 i think thats stupid
 Only the best thing in the world to do!!
 not really | Copyright 2006-2008