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Quiz By : roseclan

Your warrior life and name

1.  RP: You are at the gathering. The leaders are bickering about who talks first. You..
 Step in and say "My clan then Yours and yours and yours "
 "Let's have him go first. He lookes like he needs to say something important. Then he can pick the next leader and so on."
 Do not interfere
 Jump up on the rock and say, "CLOUDS ARE COVERING THE MOON!' They are

2.  RP: You are leader random I know but you have to name Blizzardpaw- A white she-cat with black papws and gray tabby legs and tail

3.  RP: You see another clans kit in the water drowning you...
 Let it be there are other warrioirs along the river
 Swim out to it and grab its scruff, bring it to shore and adopt it
 Help it by holding out a branch not getting wet | Copyright 2006-2008