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Quiz By : xXIceXx

Warriors quiz

1.  what color would your pelt be?
 i dunno??

2.  what your personalty?
 strong and brave
 truthful and funny
 caring and faithful
 dimwitted and lazy
 faithful and strong
 i dunno??

3.  what would you choose from the fresh kill pile?
 fish/water vole
 anything really
 fresh kill? i want kittypet food!
 i dunno??

4.  pick a element
 brown .3.
 whats a element??

5.  what would you be?
 a medicine cat
 ummm....a kittypet?
 a leader
 a deputy
 i dunno??

6.  what clan would you be in?
 i would be a kittypet!!

7.  did you like this??
 i HATED IT!!!! | Copyright 2006-2008