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Quiz By : Neko no oJo

A day with Team 7(naruto)

1.  Hey peepz!!! I'm neko no ojo!!!to we are walcoming my friends and Boyfriend !!7 Team!! So moving on First question are u ready for Roleplay!!?
 s-sure..*neko:awww...u are so cute*
 ......hell yeah!!!!*neko:me and u are going to get alone*
 I hate rp*neko:rude!*
 awesome I love rp!

2.  You were walking down the streets of konaha when sakura and naruto run to you and ask if you wanna go get remen What do you say?
  yes I -i wou-would...
 YEah I'm huger!!! let's go!
 no I don't want to I hate u people sakura:Cha! let me at her!! *me and naruto holding sakura back*
 yes that's sound nice let's get going

3.  sakura,naruto and youself were sitting At the remen bar then I came with sasuke Sasuke:where's this? Neko:sasuke this is the new girl sakura and naruto were talking about...well say hello sasu-chan!don't be mean Sasuke:hey
 *blushes lightly*...hi..s-sasu-chan..*neko:hey that's what I call sasuke!
 whatttzup dude! how's it hanging?
 ....has anyone ever told you...your hair looks like a duck's butt?
 leave me alone b**** *neko and sakura trying to kill you but naruto and sasuke hold us*

4.  End of Rp Sasuke:thank god neko:hey! Neko:Ok ok kakashi!!!!!! Get ur butt in here...please!! Kakashi:what? Neko:ask a question! u like to read? Neko*winks 3 times* wow that's new..
 y-yes..but only..ichi ichi books *everyone but kakahi:WTF!!! (y/n):I like page 52 the best *giggles*
 yes but not all the time !!!
 no I hate books!!!
 yeah!!! its great! and on cold raining nights neko:that sounds nice kakashi:yes in deed!

5.  Neko:Sasuke!!! Sasuke:...what now? Neko:ask a question!! Sasuke:do u hate itachi? *neko slaps him with her tale* Sasuke:WhAT!?! Neko:he my sampai!!!
 I-I..did..bu.but I care deeply.about him *blushes*
 Nooooo but yeesss but nooo!!!! its complicate!!! *neko still trying to figner it out* (sasuke facepalm)
 I hate him and u and that pink bitch and that cat freak (sasuke : Sharingan!!!)*neko/sakura:die bittch die*
 no but I know how u feel sasuke but if only you knew why itachi di-*neko covers your mouth neko:shhhh!!!!*(sasuke:tell me tell me!!!!)

6.  Neko:Naruto!!!! Naruto:yes!! Neko:ask a quetion!!! Naruto:ooooo....I got one! Do u think I'm storng? Neko:nice*repeat brofist*
 Yes! u are naruto ........ *neko: SHE SPoke with out stoping!!!!*
 yeah of caese u are Naruto your Awesome!!!!
 You the very best and I'll always stan by your side

7.  Neko:pink lady!! Sakura:my name is sakura! Neko: yeah yeah!! Whatever ask the Flippen question! Sakura:do u think me and sasuke-kun beyoung together Neko:let me at her!!!let me at her*sasuke,naruto,kakashi and tobi holding neko back*
 where did tobi come from? *everyone but tobi:GET OUTTa here!!!!*
 *still dead*
 *animesweatdrop*...isn't tobi in the akatsuki? {tobi:tobis a good boy hahahahahahahahahahhahahaha}

8.  Naruto:anyway since neko is "busy" hope u liked the quiz ooooh one more thing...I love remen....BYE
 ...go-good.bye naruto-san
 *still dead!* yourghost:I still hate you all | Copyright 2006-2008