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Quiz By : MarioKartIsEpic

What Is Your Warrior Name, Mate and Kits

1.  What is your favorite color?
 Sky Blue
 Dark orange

2.  What is you fav warrior
 Scourge :)
 Brook :D!

3.  If you could live as a cat would you want to be a...
 StarClan Warrior?

4.  If you like trains you will die.
 No thanks
 Umm, no
 OMG! *explodes (me: Does that count as dying?)
 I Would Like To But No.
 I'm Already in StarClan!

5.  Do you like my first quiz?
 Yes ty
 It was great :3
 eh. . .
 I liked it
 Great Job ;)
 NOO! | Copyright 2006-2008