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Quiz By : paulomanu1

is your spirit animal a lycan

1.  have you been with someone who's spirit animal is a lycan for prolonged pereods of time?
 i think so
 most likely not

2.  what colors do you prefer?
 solid dark colors e.g. black, brown, white, gray
 mixed or matalic colors e.g. gold, silver, red, green, blue ect.

3.  how times a week do you get craveings for meat (raw or uncooked)
 once a week if that
 about once every full moon
 never im a vedgy

4.  are you physicly stronger than most kids your age but dont look it
 yes, im a tank on legs
 well when you put it that way then yeh
 not realy no
 deffenetly not

5.  how good is your immunity.
 top notch, im never ill with anything.
 its better than most but i still get the odd virus every now and again.
 not good
 terrible, im ill 23/6

6.  how fast is your regenaration (how quick do you heal)
 almost instantly
 verry quick
 quicker than most
 not verry quick at all
 insainly slow
 it takes monthes for a scratch to heal

7.  when you see the full moon what is your first reaction?
 gaze in aww at its infatuating luner light
 that is realy cool
 start to get hungry, growl and hyper
 run and hide
 urrg im going in side, it looks rancid
 omg its a moon, get over it

8.  remember to comment and rate this quiz and let me know how i can improve the next one
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