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Quiz By : Alo Dragonclaw

What Warrior cat rank are you?

1.  You are attacked!!! What do you do?
 Burdock root,check, chervil, check, cobwebs, che…
 Mentor!!! Hey! Watch me win!
 Everybody! Battle formations!
 I wish I could fight...
 I'm not there, unless I'm leading the attack...
 Let me at 'em, let me at… MAMA!!! SAVE ME!!!

2.  You are trapped under a rock and are watching everyone fight each other. What are you thinking?
 AHHHHHH! First, I escape, then, call pest control!
 I knew I should have gathered more cobwebs!!!
 I hope my mentor gets killed...
 Get me outta here!!! Iwanna fight!!!
 Leader! NOOOOOO!!!!!!!
 I hope everything's OK, I hope tha... THE KITS!!!!!!!!

3.  Uh oh!! You're out of food!!!!! What do you do?
 Leader, may I sent out a hunting patrol?
 Hmm... I need to restock on poppy seeds...
 OHHH! A patrol! Let's go!
 Children! Get in the car! We're going to Walmart!
 Remember those days when we caught half the food in the forest and...
 Good idea deputy!

4.  How old are you?
 I'm old enough to speak with starclan
 Over six moons
 Well, I have nine lives, so it depends...
 Old enough to know the secrets of the oldest ages
 Under six moons
 Over 0 years old, duh!

5.  How dangerous are you?
 RAWR!!! Fear me!!!
 How mad am I at YOU is the real question...
 No no no! You got it all wrong! I help cats!
 I will rip you apart!
 I'm the best in the forest!
 I used to be the strongest, most dangerous cat in the world! I used to beat up...

6.  What are you scared of?
 Ident before my leader dies. IWANNABEINCHARGEFORONCEINMYLIFEOK!!!!!!
 Not getting a warrior name, duh!
 I'm not scared of anything! RAWR!
 If I'm scared, I'll just get some juniper berries...
 I'm sorry, what did you say?
 I come and go as I please, SO THERE!

7.  What do you want in your clan?
 What do you mean? It already runs the way I want it to...
 Oh, I'll tell you one I get my claw on my *rolls eyes, spits* "leader"!
 WHAT THE *?!# IS A CLAN?????!
 Ok, so, first I'll destroy this place and then I'll stomp over to this other place and destroy it too and then I'll roar like this, RAAAAAAAWWWWWWWR! And then... Ooh! Warm milk!
 Every single type of herb every where and maybe a cave full of cobwebs... OOH! And some catnip fields would be a bonus...
 Clan, shman! I can take of myself, thank you!

8.  How careful are you?
 My JOB is to be careful! Ah! Don't eat those! They're poisonous!!,
 Ooh! These yew berries look good!
 I'm a sack of skin and bones! I go anywhere these days!
 Careful? HAH! I rule this place, suckas!,!
 I'd rather be dead than carful! Hm!
 The clan is alive, how careful do you think I am???! | Copyright 2006-2008