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Quiz By : Alo Dragonclaw

Wings of Fire Tribe

1.  What colors do you like most?
 Red and gold
 Blue and green
 White and blue
 Purple black and silver
 Brown and grey

2.  You have a superpower!!! What is it?
 Camp, comes, campflouge, invisibility, color shifter
 Read minds, see future
 Poisonous stinger, breath fire
 Freezer breath!
 Breath under water

3.  Which sounds better?
 Queen Glory
 Queen Moorhen
 Queen Blaze/Blister/Burn
 Queen Scarlet
 Queen Glacier
 Queen Battlewinner

4.  What are you most?

5.  What is your favorite thing out of these choices?
 Shiny stuff
 Getting dirty
 Scaring others | Copyright 2006-2008