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Quiz By : warriorcatfan

What kind of warrior are you?

1.  what is you mate like?
 A. MOM. grey, spotted with amber eyes
 B. Dad. Brown tortishell with sky blue eyes
 C. Mom. White, grey flecks with green eyes
 D. Dad. Black, white paw with dark blue eyes

2.  You see a loner that is badly hurt, You...
 Chase off that fox dung! He is in my Territory!
 Say '' What happened to you? '' and guied him to the med. cat den.
 Kill him! He took your prey and tresspassed!
 Take him to your leader and escorts out of camp
 get some cobwebs to stop the bleeding and make a secret nest for him.
 watch him, see what he does and tells leader immidietly.

3.  You need a mate and a she-cat from a another clan askes you, You....
 Scratch her/him! She is from a another clan! She shall die!
 say '' I'm sorry, you're from a enemy clan so i can't accept you.'' then walk away.
 Tell your clan leader and decide either to say no or tell their clan leader about this.

4.  Are you ready to see ur results?
 NO! im to lazy and tired!
 sure i would love to!
 idk, i just hope im a kind warrior. | Copyright 2006-2008