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Quiz By : roseclan


1.  In your spare time you...
 swim in the sun
 climb a tall tree
 run across the moor
 Take a walk under the trees
 Play a game staying in the shadows only

2.  THE FRESH KILL PILE! There is a squirrel, a bird, a trout, a frog and a rabbit. You choose...

3.  The sunset... the best point in your territory for watching it. Where?
 A rock that overlooks the whole moor, the sun sets beyond
 An open clearing beside the waterfall and gorge where soft grass grows and you watch the sunset
 A tall syamore tree with one branch that is above the treetops and you watch the sunset from afar
 A place surrounded by hazel and no trees overhead so you can watch up
 A shadowy place in camp on a ledge where you can see the sky | Copyright 2006-2008