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Quiz By : roseclan


1.  Okay! Question 1: BEFORE LEADERSHIP You pad alongside your leader, glancing around, you see the gorge, and feel wind in your fur. The soil tickles your pads and your hear birdsong. A few clouds drift in the sky. "I think you should be deputy." Rosestar meows, glancing at the horizon. "What?" You say, wide-eyed."You. Deputy." Your leader repeats. Just then a rabbit darts across your path. Rosestar shrieks, and stumbles to the side. Her hindpaws dangle off the cliff, the river rushing below. YOU...
 Grab Rosestar's scruff and pull her up
 Push her forepaws off the cliff... bye-bye, Rosestar... hello ME!!
 Frantically find a stick and let her gra it in her teeth I pull her up and she scrambles over the edge. "You could have just grabbed my scruff..." She mumbes

2.  OK! Question 2: AFTER BECOMING LEADER You need to pick a deputy, three cats interest you. 1-YOUR BFF 2- THE MOST HARDWORKING WARRIOR 3-A DARK SHADY TOM Who do ya pick? 3- A DARK SHADY TOM
 The dark shady tom
 The most hardworking warrior
 The BFF

3.  OK! Question 3: LEADERSHIP There is a conflict between you and another clan, StreamClan. You have scented them on your territory mingled with prey-scent. Their leader Sweetstar denies it. YOU...
 Instantly order my warriors to kill them ALL! WAHAHA!!!!
 Settle this by adding extra patrol and setting our markiers more often, speak of it at the next gathering where there is a truce
 Give up trying to get them to crack and let it go... then scent StreamClan later

4.  OK! Question 4: LEADERSHIP You and your mate are having kits! What do you name them: 1- a creamy tom with hazel eyes and a short muzzle 2- a silver-gray she-cat with smoky wisps and deep blue eyes 3- a tabby she-cat with a white belly and chest, a black taitip and paws, and green eyes
 1- Stumpykit, his muzzle is so cute! 2-Mistkit, she is so beautiful... 3- Hollykit, her eyes are the color of holly leaves
 1-Muzzlekit, he looks sorta strange 2- Smokekit, her fur pattern is that color 3- Rainbowkit, she has, er... lots of colors of pelt
 1- Uglykit! HE S SO DEFORMED! 2- Clawkit- My favorite part of me! 3- Tearkit, I bring tears to my enemie's eyes!

5.  OK! Question 5: LEADERSHIP Your warriors are talking about your brother, who suddenly is going to live with twolegs. You...
 Accept his desicion and tell him he is welcome to visit anytime
 Tell him "TRAITOR! YOU SOFT, STOOPID TRAITOR!" And claw him before he runs
 Say, "Well, why are you standing there? Go to your dumb housefolk already." And turn away | Copyright 2006-2008