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Quiz By : Snowmoon12

What Is Your Warrior Cat Name, Clan, Pelt Color, Personality, Mate, And Kits?

1.  What's Your Gender?
 Tomboy Female
 Shy Male
 Shy Female
 Hyper Female

2.  What Colors Do You Like?
 Yellow and Brown
 Blue and Light Brown
 Orange and Black
 Brown and White
 Grey and Black
 Grey and White

3.  You find out your crush likes another cat, so you...
 Claw that cat your crush likes' ears off!
 Go up and calmly ask your crush what they have that you don't.
 Whimper and leave to cry where the Clan can't see you.
 Immediately turn away and stalk off.
 Widen your eyes and accidentally say aloud "That ugly furball?"
 Go up to your crush, avert your gaze and try not to let your voice break as you ask them why?

4.  A cat is jealous of your mate, so they attack your mate! You...
 Beg for them to accept your choices, and if they don't, cry.
 Jump into the battle! That jealous 'Ashfur' is goin' down!
 Scream to the spirits "Why is my life such a mess?!"
 Ask nicely for them to stop, and if they don't, things get uglier.
 Attack, but not enough to badly hurt them.
 Watch nervously and scratch the jealous cat once or twice.

5.  Your friend has been seeing a cat from another Clan, and you...
 Tell them they can't, or things will get super-duper-positively-extra-absolutely bad!
 Ask them where their loyalties lie, with their home Clan or with a cat they hardly know, and let them choose.
 Nothing. You can't stop love.
 Tell the leader! This has to stop!
 Kill the cat from the other Clan!
 That's your friend's problem. | Copyright 2006-2008