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warrior cat name and clan no.2

1.  if you could be a colour, what colour would you be?
 silver like the moon
 ginger with long white socks
 black with a white chest
 white with grey ear tips

2.  your best friend just died. what do you do?
 mourn forever
 mourn for him, but move on for the good of your clan
 you don't care, you never liked him anyway!
 you care, but you don't care enough

3.  your leader is hanging of the edge of a cliff.What do you do?
 ignore him
 Run to help, and try your hardest
 push them down. now you will be leader!
 You don't know

4.  you found out that your mate wants to become a house cat. what do you do?
 announce it to the whole clan.
 kill her
 Tell her that you respect her decision, and that you will always love her no matter what.
 mate, what mate?

5.  your leader and deputy both died, and there is no cat left to lead. What do you do?
 make yourself leader with brutal force
 ignore everything
 Tell the clan not to panic, and make a fair vote on who should be the next leader | Copyright 2006-2008