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your own warrior cat name and clan

1.  if you could be a warrior cat leader, who would you be?

2.  Your best friend has died, what do you do?
 who cares! i never liked him anyway!
 i will mourn him forever
 i loved him, but i must move on for the good of my clan
 life goes on, time will not stop.

3.  if you could be a colour which colour would you be?
 silver, like the moon
 flaming ginger
 snowy white
 dont care

4.  be honest, what are you most like?
 loyal,kind, and generous
 bloodthirsty, evil, and disloyal
 my fate will answer that question

5.  your mate has been troubled lately, and you find out that she has been planning to live with twolegs. what do you do?
 try to coax her into staying into the clan
 kill her
 announce it to the whole clan
 tell her it is her choice, and that you will always love her no matter what

6.  if you had a choice on how you would die, what would it be?
 falling of the gorge
 protecting those you love in respect for your clan | Copyright 2006-2008