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Quiz By : pixelgamergirl

do you know a lot about warrior cats?

1.  Who made tigerstar loose all his 9 lives in one blow.
 was it firestar or scourge..wait what?

2.  Who tried to kill sorrelkit?
 a big fat fluffeh house cat with amneisia
 Darkstrie I'm pretty sure
 was it sorrelkits mom? no it starts with a d right?

3.  How did silverstream die?
 who the potato is silverstream!?
 I know she was greystripes mate...didn't she loose too much blood?
 she died having kits! wait am I right?

4.  How did bluestar loose her last life
 she drowned :(
 I seriously bet it was the fat fluffeh cat...or was it a mouse...
 she drowned I think..I know fireheart was there

5.  How did redtail die?
 stupid tigerstar he wants too much power
 CHEESE...cheese fear the cheese..
 I'm sure he was killed by a rockfall..

6.  What would your warrior cat name be? (Yes this counts as knowing what warriors is)
 I would be Sir Fancy Borris Trotter!!!
 what can warriors names be again? like ivyflight and stuff?
 oh I would be Jayheart of course! | Copyright 2006-2008