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Quiz By : pixelgamergirl

Your warrior cat name and description

1.  Which word do you prefer?

2.  Pick another word again XD!

3.  What are you most like? BE HONEST
 kind,rule breaker,lots of friends
 she,plotting evil plans,exiled
 weird,hyper,you like the color brown
 stripes,FOOD,some friends

4.  You are the deputy and your leader is on their last life. Your leader is getting attacked by a dog what do you do?
 watch the leader die then laugh
 help the dog kill your leader
 run away scared hoping the leader lives
 run and go get help really fast
 help scare/fight the dog
 watch the fight then help your leader afterward

5.  Which clan do you want to be in?
 no clan
 dark forest (yes this counts) | Copyright 2006-2008